Taste the seasons


Inspired by nature

Whether it’s leaping fresh from the salted sea, grown in the earth of our humble farm, or reared on the fields of local purveyors, our food is rooted in local nature. To these raw, fresh ingredients, Colin McGurran and his masterful chefs devote their time, ingenuity and rare talent to create something new every season. A menu that playfully tweaks, cleverly replicates—but always deeply respects—nature and the seasons.


This will be our year

“For many years, I’ve tried to create the perfect seasonal menu. One that is both inspired and inspiring. One that delights, surprises and challenges my staff, my guests, myself. As I make the final touches to my newest menu, I can truly say that 2018 will be our year.”
— Colin McGurran, Chef Patron

This new year, we invite you to join us in turning the page and starting a whole new chapter. Introducing our new menu for 2018...



Once in a lifetime, over lunctime

Our lunch menu plays out over six acts. Full of natural pairings, inspired twists and unputdownable flavours.

6-course lunch menu:
(Wed-Sat) £60pp (no cheese) 

5-glass wine selection:

Cheese trolley:
£12pp (optional)

Evening tales of the unexpected

Caught, raised and nurtured from sea, beach and field, our eight-course evening menu will surprise even the most discerning, curious and well travelled palates.

8-course surprise:
£85pp (no cheese)

7-glass wine selection:

Cheese trolley:
£12pp (optional)


A master sommelier’s selection

If you truly want to experience Winteringham Fields to the fullest, we recommend indulging in our sommelier’s exclusive selection.

Personally handpicked and introduced to you by our master sommelier, our bespoke by-the-glass wines perfectly balance, refresh and intensify each stage of your three, six or eight-course journey.

We also offer an extensive wine list, where you’ll find all the classic favourites and vintage delicacies you would expect, as well as hidden treasures you’re yet to experience.

5-glass lunch selection: £45pp
7-glass dinner selection: £69pp

The perfect pairing

Our experienced fromager will talk you through our array of artisanal and farmstead cheeses, recommending the perfect selection to suit your taste and wine choice.

Cheese trolley: £12pp (lunch and dinner)  
Swap dessert for cheese: £6pp (lunch only) 
Glass of port: £8pp