Mid-Week Spring Break


You may travel to get here, but our food never does. Whether leaping fresh from the salted sea, grown in the earth of our humble farm, or reared on the fields of local purveyors, our food is rooted in local nature.

This season, we invite you to savour an unforgettable experience. A seven-course surprise that playfully tweaks and cleverly replicates the bountiful nature of Spring. Plus, an overnight stay in any of our five-star rooms and a continental breakfast to finish your stay.

· 7-course surprise
· Overnight stay in a five-star room
· Continental breakfast

Tuesday-Friday only. Excludes master sommelier's wine selection. Promotion ends Friday 31st July.

Only £259 per couple


Two Lunch For £99


This Spring, expect the unexpected. Taste you’ve never experienced, combinations you’d never dream of, freshness as never before: we make it real.

Caught, raised and nurtured from sea, beach and field, our five-course Spring lunch for two will surprise even the most discerning, curious and well-travelled palates. And all for only £99 per couple.

Tuesday-Friday lunchtimes only. Promotion ends Friday 30th June 2017.

Only £99 per couple




Surprise yourself and your senses with our mid-week package of an overnight stay and seven-course evening meal. For budding chefs, our masterclass provides rare insider access to the life, and work, of a restaurant kitchen.