Think restaurant. Then think again


Here, in the heart of Lincolnshire, something magical awaits. Somewhere with a single purpose: to live and love the finest and freshest food, as never before. Colin and Bex McGurran invite you to savour an unforgettable experience that is lovingly nurtured and carefully prepared for the moment you arrive. Until the next time.


That place? That's here

Nestled in the glorious flatlands of North Lincolnshire, just a skipping stone’s throw from the banks of the Humber, Winteringham Fields has risen to become one of the area’s, if not the country’s, best foodie sanctuaries. People travel from all over the world to discover our luxurious five-star rooms and idyllic views of the surrounding landscape. It is this abundant landscape, this rich natural heritage, that we turn to for inspiration, where we source the finest ingredients season after season.



The best. Of everything

These ingredients will not wait. The minute-by-minute nature of our produce creates a series of dishes individual to our table and menu journey.

To create a uniquely seasonal dining experience, my team and I spend time planning our menu based on the produce that is best at each seasonal juncture. So sit back and prepare to delight in your personal experience of my Winteringham Fields.

Colin McGurran, Chef Patron