Every day is a surprise


“Each day is a little different, and every visit is your own personal experience, which is lovingly nurtured and carefully prepared for the moment you arrive. Until the next time.”



Picked, prepped, served

From farm to fork, we take every opportunity to add flavour. That means tending, preparing and cooking each ingredient with the same level of care and precision. So when it reaches your table—whether it’s meat, vegetable, pulse, grain or non-dairy—it’s the freshest and finest you’ve ever tasted.


we cater for all

Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, diabetic, gluten-free or coeliac. Whether you’re a table of two, or a large party all with different dietary needs. If you let us know when you book your table, Colin and his chefs will prepare your meal to suit your taste, allergy, diet and choice.