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Join the family

When we find someone special, we hold on to them. We encourage them, inspire them, treat them like our own family. Just ask our Sous Chef. He’s been with us ever since he was 17.

Because it’s not just our rich, plentiful surroundings that make Winteringham Fields what it is. It takes people like you – a gifted chef, a talented sommelier, a devoted host – to create an unforgettable experience like ours.

People travel to get here. The food never does

We believe in using only the best local ingredients to create the finest, freshest food,  as never before. It’s what we call our ‘one-mile menu’.

Most of all, we believe in giving nature the respect it deserves. So we involve our team at every stage – from tending the gardens to caring for our farm’s livestock.

As our Head Chef and owner, Colin McGurran, puts it: “When you’ve seen a lamb born, bottle-fed it, watched it grow, you give extra care.”

If you too believe strongly in this way of life, we want to hear from you.


We're looking for...

souS chef and chef de partie.

Both must have a minimum of 5 years experience in a rosette standard kitchen.

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Please send your CV and covering letter, detailing the position you're applying for, to