Revealed: New summer menu 2018


Head Chef, Gaz Bartram, explains what this season’s menu means to him, and how his team of chefs devote their time and talent to create something new every season.

Summer is a very special time of year for us, as we start to see many ingredients become more readily available right here on our doorstep.

Our food is rooted in local nature. The concept of fresh, homegrown ingredients is something really close to our hearts, and gets us excited for what we’ll discover in the upcoming months.

This year’s summer menu reflects our respect for nature and how we select only the best produce to use in our dishes.

Strawberries are one of nature's offerings this season. We believe something as beautiful and pure as a strawberry should never be messed around with too much.

Strawberries and Cream (1).jpg

That’s why our pre-dessert of strawberries and cream really doesn't stray too much from the British classic we’re all familiar with. With the addition of Swiss meringue and white balsamic vinegar, it’s a refreshing course in our surprise tasting menu.

As the days get warmer, cooler dishes start to appear on the menu – a welcoming sight for all.

Our Foie Gras Torchon is perfect for a warm summer evening, especially with a generous dollop of spiced chutney on the side.

Foie Gras Torchon.jpg

This dish is not only a joy to eat, but also a joy to prepare. The chefs love honing their skills by preparing the perfect torchon, which is complimented with a fresh fig, pear and polytunnel salad, picked by us every morning.

Summer is also the time of year for Bex to show off her bees! Working hard each day, they produce a honey that is nothing short of amazing.

I had the pleasure of spending an evening collecting the honey with Bex, during which the inspiration to create our honey ice cream sandwich came to life.

Honey Ice Cream Sandwich (3).jpeg

Colin said he felt like Winnie the Pooh diving into a honey sandwich when he first tasted this dish, that now takes prime location on our à la carte and tasting menus.

Strawberry Team