The importance of buying locally


Nestled in the heart of rural Lincolnshire, we have plenty of choice when it comes to local produce. Our food is rooted in local nature, and from these doorstep-sourced ingredients, our masterful chefs devote their time and talent to creating something new every season.

Here are 5 reasons to buy locally:

1. Supporting business
Whether you buy directly from a farm or at a farmers market, local producers can give you a fair price. This in turn helps local businesses to grow, bringing new products to the market and creating job opportunities in rural areas.

Fresh Mackerel Winteringham Fields

2. Quality and variety
Locally sourced seasonal fruit and vegetables are the freshest available. When you dine with us, you can expect to find carefully curated plates made with the finest local ingredients. From farm, to fork.

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3. Learn the seasons

When you shop locally, you appreciate the seasons, learning what’s best to eat when. Produce is much more ripe and flavoursome at different points in the year.

For example, these warm summer months are perfect for superfoods like blueberries, strawberries and rhubarb. Understanding this is what helps us to create beautiful, seasonal menus.

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4.  Protecting the environment
Local produce doesn’t have to be flown or shipped from across the world, so there’s less of an impact on the environment. Our British climate is the perfect condition for crops to grow at their own pace until they’re ripe and ready for the picking.

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 5. Local people, local connections
When you buy locally, you can build strong connections and relationships within your community. You’ll learn exactly where your ingredients have come from and get to know the people behind them.

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Strawberry Team