What is a surprise menu?


When you first read through the Winteringham Fields surprise menu, you may be taken aback by the mysterious and brief way it’s displayed. But, as always, there’s method behind our madness…

We believe a surprise should be exactly that. The experience shouldn’t be taken away by the normality of a full, descriptive menu. Our surprise menu has been created to give a brief description of each course, which leads on to complement the next.

Winteringham Fields May 201718105.jpg

When you choose to indulge in a menu of this nature, the traditional restaurant experience is taken away. We’ve found that this encourages our customers to be more adventurous and open-minded with their approach to food, expecting the unexpected!

One thing that remains the same with our surprise menu is the use of the best seasonal ingredients we can source. The minute-by-minute nature of our produce creates a series of dishes individual to each night, creating the ultimate surprise menu journey.

Winteringham Fields June 20153722.jpg

Most of all, our surprise menu is an opportunity for us to share our food knowledge with customers, whilst introducing them to new flavours, sensations and experiences.

If you have an allergy, dietary requirement or a particular food you don’t like, we will always do our best to accommodate. The last thing we want is for you to be served a surprise that doesn’t hit the spot! That’s why we ask that you let us know about dietary requirements or dislikes in advance so your meal can be an enjoyable experience.

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Strawberry Team