Revealed: the secrets of our Spring menu


Spring is a season full of surprising contrasts. Food has to reflect that, but also harvest the splendours of fresh produce, grown and gathered to create distinctive plates of culinary wonder.

As Head Chef, Gaz, explains, when you visit Winteringham Fields, you can expect a dining experience like no other. A believer of locally sourced ingredients, you can expect to taste the seasons and savour the freshest vegetables and meat in his dishes.

Read all about Gaz’s Spring favourites below:

Where is the meat used in the spring menu dishes sourced from?

“We’re working very closely with farmers in the Lakes District for our beef, and we use Aubrey Allen for our duck. We’re also in the process of developing a lamb dish which is very close to being put on the menu, which will use lamb raised in Winteringham village!”

Beef Rib.jpg

How do you cook the 80-day aged beef rib?

“The beef rib is cooked on our indoor Big Green Egg BBQ which gives it the most delicious smoked undertone and beautiful bar marks. Then we rest it for the same amount of time it’s cooked for, which leaves it medium rare.”


What's your favourite dish to prepare?

“This week we have our new asparagus dish joining the menu, which is made using asparagus from the Wye Valley, near Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. This has to be my favourite time of year as I love working with this asparagus - it’s amazing and we take great care in preparing and cooking it.”

New season asparagus 1.jpg

What is kohlrabi and why did you choose to use it?

“Even though it resembles a turnip-like root vegetable, Kohlrabi is actually part of the cabbage family. It’s a great holder of flavour so we like to serve it raw, marinated in a stock made from seaweed and lemon. This also helps it keep its crunch which adds a delightful texture to our mackerel dish.”

Kohlrabi RS.jpg
Strawberry Team