Spring steps into gear

“Spring is the time of plans and projects”

- Leo Tolstoy

Winteringham Fields June 20153653.jpg

The birds are singing and the days are finally getting longer and brighter as spring steps into gear.

Winteringham is full of vitality at this time, abuzz with the noise of farmers’ machinery indicating the arrival of the planting season.

Bex tends to her spring bedding to add a splash of colour to the entrance of the restaurant and in the yards around our accommodation. With additional guest rooms, there is plenty to do to make things look as welcoming as possible.

And of course it’s the season of beginnings; new life appears on the farm and piglets and lambs are born, which as you can imagine is enormous fun to be around.

I spend my time fine tuning the menus and expermintening; as the produce begins to sprout, so too do my ideas. There’s something about this season that motivates creativity and action, and some of the best ideas are cooked up round about now.

Bex McGurran