New menu January 2018


Colin’s New Year Resolution

For many years, I’ve tried to create the perfect seasonal menu. One that is both inspired and inspiring. One that delights, surprises and challenges my staff and my guests.

To do that I have to ask myself:

“What do I want?”

“What really wows me?”

This is crucial because if I don’t like it then my guests won’t!

Winteringham Fields is a place where guests come to eat my food and taste my personality on the plate. Like most chefs, I’ve spent years bouncing from one idea to the next in the hope of gaining inspiration, motivation and momentum to guide me through the seasons. This can be confusing and detrimental to the consistency of what you’re offering and telling your guests. The good thing about “going round the houses” is you learn what you like and what you don’t.

This year, I find myself more confident and carefree to the point where I just need to do what’s right for me.

Not to worry too much about the staff learning schedules.

Not to worry about if the guest will be blown away by a particular dish.

If I’m really happy about my cooking, and my belief is steadfast to the point of obsessive, then this can only rub off on the staff and please the most discerning of guests.

2018 will be a great year.

I’ll cover new ground.

I’ll perfect old ground already trampled.

I’ll revisit the dishes I feel insecure about.

I’ll focus on what’s really important about being a chef and a restaurateur: my guests’ experience.

Now, onto the menu…

Warning: spoilers ahead. If you don’t want a teaser to our new 2018 menu, look away now.

A taster of our new 2018 menu

Here are just a few dishes I’m looking forward to from our new menu. The full menu and more surprises will be revealed soon...

Beef Tartar Cornetto

120 day aged beef fillet, “mucky fat” wasabi, and caviar. The mushroomy aroma of aged beef is so strong. Served with a light wasabi to soften the balance, and seasoned with caviar to marry the combinations all on a savoury cornetto. Brushed with the clarified beef renderings.

Confit Charlotte Potato

Trimmed starchy potato that takes me back to my favourite winter pastime: skiing! Nothing better than sitting in front of a crackling fire, dipping potatoes and cured meats into a steaming cheese fondue laced with the regional kirsch. We’re replicating the flavours, but in a more refined way.

Truffle Linguini

Cooking something so simple is very scary and difficult. You have nowhere to hide. Fresh pasta served with the potent smell of Perigord truffles shaved at the table, helped along with the cep family is a truly magical flavour… if the execution is on point.

Turbot & Leeks

This combination has been around for all of time! But in my kitchen we receive the Rolls Royce of flat fish every day, and paired with daily picked leeks 400 yards from the kitchen. Lightly roasted to bring out natural sweetness, and dressed with a sour wine sauce. A delicate but mind blowing balance. The leeks are given simple respect in a butter emulsion.

Lobster & Ratatouille

How far ends of the spectrum can you get?! The humble ratatouille accompanied by the king of shellfish. We painstakingly prepare the ratatouille into tiny cubes and cooked together with a tomato fondue. Balanced out with saffron and anchovies. Brought together with a lobster bisque ensuring we use all of the fish.

Salted Baked Anjou Pigeon

A beautiful rich bird cooked in a crust of salt pastry, allowing the seasoning to penetrate the meat in a delicate way. Broken up and presented at the table sharing the aromas and giving the guest a heads up on what’s about to be served next on the surprise menu. This is garnished with our turnips two ways: pickled and roasted.

Yuzu Meringue Pie

A classic take on lemon meringue pie. A technical version encasing the lemon curd mix in a white chocolate flocage, on a base of a delicate shortbread with vanilla. Finally topped off with a toasted whipped scented meringue.

— Colin

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