Waste not, want not


In the world of fine dining, it’s not often you hear the word ‘waste’ as a positive. Looking to source smarter ingredients, make better decisions about food wastage and take an ecological approach to fine dining, Chef Patron Colin McGurran shares the ins and out of his ‘waste not, want’ not philosophy.

What happens to your food wastage?

We have very little food wastage as we try to use every bit of every fruit, vegetable, fish and animal. The most effective way to buy and use an animal is to buy it whole, and as we say in the kitchen when using a pig, use everything from tail to snout...everything but the oink!

The belly is cut into bacon or pancetta, we use the gelatin rich trotters to thicken and flavour soups and the bones are repurposed as the base to delicious broths.  

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Where do you source your ingredients?

The location of Winteringham Fields means we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by fantastic organic produce, right here on our doorstep. We also source our ingredients from a variety of local or UK-based suppliers who we know and trust.

Good food is the product of good people who are farming free range and organic produce responsibly. From farm to fork, we know exactly where our ingredients have come from.

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How do you source food sustainably?

Our knowledgeable team venture into our surrounding fields every morning to gather produce, which is used to prepare exciting dishes full of twists and turns. Everything we use is fresh and we always try to use a sustainable approach when sourcing our ingredients, especially fish.

We only use hand-dived scallops and line-caught fish. With regards to livestock, we work very closely with our meat suppliers to ensure their animals have been raised in an excellent environment, as the welfare of the animals is very important to us.

Strawberry Team