Truffles, and why we love them


The Truffle

The ultimate in fine food indulgence, and recognised as the most prized ingredient in the culinary world.


No, not the chocolate truffle you’ll see stacked on sale for Valentine’s day, but a favourite used by chefs, and loved by many. The Truffle, is one of the world's most luxurious and mysterious ingredients. But the question is why?

What is a truffle? 
The truffle is a very rare edible fungus that sprouts from the roots of certain trees. The truffle is similar to a mushroom, though larger, and a lot more distinctive due to the two colour types, white and black truffles.

What’s the difference between black and white truffles?
The White truffle, grows in Northern Italy, and unmistakable for its powering aromatic scent. White truffles are commonly served raw and usually shaved over a dish. The Black Truffle, however, is far better when cooked. They are known to have a much more delicate flavour when prepared for a dish.

Why are truffles so expensive?
But the question remains as to why this individual ingredient is by far one of the world's most expensive? The truffle is very rare. It is highly difficult to come across a selection of truffles regularly. As a seasonal ingredient that is reliant on weather conditions and also intense searching underground - it is this that makes the Truffle incredibly costly.

Nevertheless, the truffle is a true delight to taste and that’s why we’re using it in our 2018 menu.

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Strawberry Team