Say cheese! Introducing Anthony Leroulley


Meet Anthony Leroulley, from Normandy, France. Anthony is our experienced expert cheese fromager, and if there’s anyone who knows the intricate wonders of this dairy delicacy, it’s him.

His passion and knowledge has been a staple for maximising and influencing our latest creations for 2018. We wanted to find out more about him, so we asked him:

“What are the big issues you discuss with your family at home?”

Anthony told us: “The one topic of discussion that is repetitively questioned within the household is the cheesecake. Joined together to eat, the family remain puzzled on how cheese and cake work as a sweet dish, when the body ingredient is savoury. Time and time again I explain, and endlessly they do not accept it (but this does not stop them from eating it). However, a dessert that is airy, delicate and light in texture is one I thoroughly enjoy.”

Strawberry Team