Let’s Raise A Glass..


We’d like to announce that we have chosen Champagne Taittinger as our house champagne. The timeless elegance of the Champagne House paired with the freshness of their Champagne makes this partnership a perfect fit.


Discover more about the rich history of the Taittinger family...

Champagne Taittinger's origins begin with their relocation from Lorraine to the Paris region in 1870 after the Franco-Prussian War to retain their French citizenship. In 1932 Pierre Taittinger purchased the Château de la Marquetterie from the wine house Forest Fourneaux after falling for the elegance and beauty of the area.  

The Taittinger’s had a history as wine merchants so decided to use their existing network to relaunch the Champagne business under the family name. Over the next few decades the family established itself as one of the leading names in the industry. During this period they also acquired the world renowned 13th century Taittinger cellars located in the Abbey of Saint-Nicaise. The family are only one of five Champagne houses to use Gallo-Roman chalk pits to age their wines.


Strawberry Team