Bex McGurran: mother, wife, friend, restaurant manager


Bex may be a friend or a welcoming face when visiting Winteringham Fields, but first and foremost she’s a hardworking mother of three beautiful girls. For Mother’s Day, we catch up with Bex to discover how she balances parenting and managing an award-winning restaurant.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mum and managing the restaurant?
I find that I put a lot of pressure on myself to create more time to spend together as a family.

But we have always had an amazing team who treat the girls as their own, so they get some really good perks other children might not get to enjoy. Like dessert tasting, meals with the team around the staff table… Basically, they’re spoilt rotten!

What was your dream job as a child?
I wanted to be a spy.

How did you meet Colin?
Whilst at University I took up a waitressing role in a coffee shop, which was part of a large hotel in Canterbury. Colin was the new Food and Beverage Manager there, sparks flew and the rest is history.

The McGurran household must be a busy one. What are your favourite things to do as a family?
We like walking. The girls and I have completed the Three Peaks Challenge and we are always off on treks on our weekends.

Jessica (9) plans to take on Everest, so we have to get the practise in. The girls love being outdoors and are quite happy to open water swim with me which is great!

We enjoy and cherish time we spend as a family. Luckily, the restaurant is a good draw to bring friends and family to us, so we have guests on a continuous role.

What’s your all time favourite food?
Thai food – all of it! I love how fragrant it is.

Who’s the cook at home?
It depends. We are a bit of a team really. Colin likes to do the big meals like Christmas and Easter, whereas I’m a feed-the-5,000 kind of cook.

My fridge is alway full of grab-and-go kind of things. Colin likes to eat with us but needs to be able to have a meal in a minute, so I cook a lot of vegetable medleys with spiced chicken or fish then he can throw it all in the microwave to reheat.

The fridge gets raided on a regular basis by chefs and front of house, so I need to keep the sandwich filling essentials on hand at all times. That and chocolate biscuits!

Strawberry Team