The restaurant redefined


We pride ourselves on being an exclusive, secluded destination, home to our Michelin Recommended restaurant and 14 boutique, 5 star rooms. Our aim was to reinvent fine dining and create an unmissable, luxury experience that would put us and Lincolnshire on the map.  

Fine dining to us isn’t just about satisfying hunger pangs, it’s about a journey. Ours takes the form of a four to five-hour, ever-changing gastronomic experience, filled with tastes you’ve never come across, combinations you’d never dream of, all made very real.

Our evening service comprises of seven to nine surprise courses, meticulously accompanied at every stage by a master sommelier’s wine selection. Aside from our ambitious, imaginative vision, perhaps one of the biggest elements of surprise is the very nature of the menu. Nature being the operative word.  

Seasonal vegetables, herbs, shoots and a small selection of livestock are sown, grown, reared and nurtured organically on our personal farm. While fish and everything else is carefully sourced from the best local purveyors. The result is a menu that is not only inspired by nature and the seasons, but changes with it. Sometimes even daily. When we get to the farm in the morning, whatever’s ready and at its best, we’ll use it that day. This way, our food is always evolving, always surprising and always challenging us, as well as our diners.

We love growing our ingredients right on our doorstep because that way we know that we’re using the freshest possible produce. That’s essential for us because we’re constantly striving for perfection.

For our owner and Head Chef, Colin, this pursuit of the perfect fine dining experience is also a deeply personal one. He loves expressing his personality and hospitality through food, therefore, he wants people to ‘feel’ they're eating his food and a part of his personality. Cooking is extremely personal. The only way to be confident and show that on the plate is to be free and have no rules, which is the motto we adopt for every dish.

What’s in store this Spring here at Winteringham Fields? Of course, expect the unexpected!

Strawberry Team