Passion fruit soufflé


This dish has been on the Winteringham Fields menu for a long time. It is a dish that we trust and is a dish we can rely on to deliver flavour and excitement with a bit of theatrics. The delicate soufflé with a cone of vanilla ice cream being pierced through the centre that slowly melts as you eat is truly a delight. 

Passion fruit soufflécollage.jpg

Serves 4.


For the passion fruit mix

500g passion fruit purée
70g sugar
50g cornflour

For the meringue base

240g egg whites
190g sugar
100g passion fruit mix

For the vanilla ice cream cone

800ml whole milk
200ml double cream
200g egg yolks
200g sugar
5 vanilla pods


For the passion fruit mix

Add all the ingredients into a pan.

Cook out on a medium heat continually whisking until the cornflour is cooked out and the mix if thick, glossy and smooth.

Cool in fridge with cling film pressed onto it to cover. This will prevent a skin forming.

For the meringue base

Make a firm meringue with egg whites and sugar.

Whisk half the meringue with passion fruit mix, and then slowly fold in the other half with a spatula.

Pour into soufflé moulds and level with a palette knife.

Pinch the mould edge with thumb and finger, running your nail thinly around the edge to create a divot.

Cook at 180°c for 8 minutes.


For the vanilla ice cream cone

Halve and de-seed the vanilla pods and put with the milk and cream into a pan. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

Bring the milk and cream to the boil.

Whisk the egg yolks and sugar in a bowl, until pale and all combined with the sugar.

Pour a third of the milk and cream over the egg yolks and sugar and whisk really well. Add it all back into the pan and cook slowly up to 84°c.

Pass through a chinois or fine sieve to remove vanilla pods and into an ice cream churner or a container into the freezer, whisking every hour until set.

When frozen but still a little soft, push into cones made from acetate sheets and freeze to create the cone shape.

3-course à la carte: £45.50pp
6-course surprise: £60pp

8-course surprise: £85pp

Strawberry Team