Colin's story


Colin was born in Zambia to Irish and Scottish parents and then moved to the UAE when he was six, as such his eclectic tastes and influences were set from a young age. These were then fixed in place after having his first work placement out of Bournemouth College at the French 2-Michelin starred Domaines Haut de Loire. 

His first managerial position was with the Rotana Hotels chain in Abu Dhabi, which formed the basis of his continually high standards that he strives to constantly uphold at Winteringham Fields.

In taking over Winteringham Fields, Colin was finally able to get back into the kitchen where he feels most at home, and over the last nine years has made the restaurant and menus exactly to his vision. 

His firm philosophy of farm to fork cookery has been fully realised with the Winteringham Fields farm now fully in operation. Colin and the team work very hard to tend to the vegetables and salad garden and look after the animals that are reared there. 

From starting this four years ago Colin is now a proud and active member of the Slow Food Alliance, a movement committed to encouraging local, sustainable produce which is a perfect fit with Winteringham Fields.

Colin's unusual take on fine dining has not gone unnoticed. Of course, customers have been praising his menus for years but he finally caught the eye of the BBC in 2012 when he was first invited to be on the Great British Menu, an honour bestowed on him again in the following two series. 

After beating out the regional competition to be in the finals on each of his three years featured, he secured dishes at the final banquet in both 2012 and 2014 with his Quail in the Woods starter and his Homage to the Dickin Medal dessert (2012 and 2014 respectively).

Colin continues to remain at the helm of Winteringham Fields while also demonstrating and doing guest chef spots both nationally and internationally. With the Winteringham Fields at Home, he can also be found periodically around the country cooking for ever more discerning guests in their home, venue or workplace. 

His style and menu are ever evolving and he likes to spend his spare time either traveling around the world to the top restaurants or lazing in the garden with a good glass of wine and his wife's home cooking.

Strawberry Team