The Farm Animals at Winteringham Fields The Winteringham Fields Team

It is with dread that I let Bex head off to farmers markets for fear that someone will sell her a camel!  She would not say no! 

Our small holding changes every time I get down there, she is either planting fruit trees, enlisting the chefs to help dig ponds for her pretty but useless ducks, or covered in a few thousand bees!  It is a passion we both have for trying to bring as much of our own produce to our table as we can.

Bex’s chickens are our main egg source, which is surprising considering they were all chosen for beauty, we use them for breakfast and the crème brulee’s so as to achieve that great colour.

Our sheep herd arrived this summer and will produce the first WF lambs next year ready for the Menu Surprise, these are again very pretty will see a theme, I have my reservations on whether they will produce anything good enough for the WF table but I do enjoy having a cup of tea down there with them!